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Shed Buyers Check List

Garden Shed Buyers Check List

  1. What size of shed do I need? Think about what you need to store. For example, a lawn mower, motorcycles, ATV, or even a classic car? 
  2. What style of storage shed best matches my home or cottage? Depending on the size, we carry 12 storage shed designs. From a simple Frontier Shed (which comes with a metal roof, double doors and primed wooden siding) to a more deluxe Cape Cod style (which comes with 4 windows, shutters, 13 colour options, 6 shingle designs, and a double door).
  3. What exterior finish best fits my needs? Our Standard siding option is a engineered wooden siding called *LP smart siding. This siding is commonly used in the shed industry and is as beautiful as it is durable.  As well as our 16 vinyl siding options we also carry a log siding perfect for people wanting that "by the lake" cabin style.
  4. What colour of siding do I want on my shed? A standard option on all our wooden shed designs is a choice of 13 beautiful paint colour all backed by a 10 year warranty. Each shed can be painted a choice of one or multiple colours to match your current backyard design. For our vinyl sheds, we offer a choice of 8 siding colours and 8 trim colours. While with our popular log siding we can either paint or stained the siding a colour of your choice.
  5. Am I going to need any additional options added to my shed? Depending on the use of your new shed, we offer a wide range of add-on options from extra doors, windows, vents, to insulation and electrical packages perfect for workshops and backyard studios.
  6. Where does my shed need to go? All of our garden sheds can be either delivered fully assembled or if needed we can build on location. Most often our sheds and portable garages are delivered fully assembled and ready for use. With our specialized equipment we are able to delivery fully assembled building anywhere from 8' X 8' to 14' X 44'. However, delivery may not always be possible in some areas due to trees and fences. For this reason, all of our shed designs can also be built on location. An extra fee of 25% applies for on-site construction.
  7. What is needed to prepare my site? Standard on all our garden shed designs are pressure treated 4X4's running the full length of the building. This keeps the building off the ground and away from moisture. This meaning site preparation is very limited and easy. On most of our shed sizes we recommend firstly, that the site be clear of small trees and rocks to create a level surface. Secondly, we recommend 4-5 inches of crushed stone be added and leveled.
  8. How can I pay for my new shed? In an effort to make payment as easy as possible we offer Visa, MasterCard, Cheque, or Cash. On all custom storage building orders we request a 50% deposit be made when processing order while the final payment is due upon delivery or, on site completion.      

Buyer’s check list:

  • Garden Shed Size (The biggest thing to consider is what you need to store)
  • Storage Shed Style (Depending on the size needed, what style best meets the desired look and design)
  • Siding Options (Vinyl siding, log siding, or our standard *LP Smart Siding)
  • Add-On Options (What are you planning on using the shed for? For example, if a workshop you may want to consider an electrical package, or workbench).
  • Site location (Decide if your desired spot is accessible by our truck and trailer or does it need to be built on location). 
  • Preparation of site (While most often a level crushed stone base is all that is required, concrete pads are also available).
  • Payment (Choose a payment option. We accept online credit card payment and well as cheque).