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Pre-Assembled Coops

Join the Urban Backyard Chicken Coop Community! 

Keep your chickens happy, healthy, and safe with a North Country Chicken Coop. Designed specifically for use in towns and cities, but equally useful in the country.  Our Chicken Coops provide everything needed for first time owners and the experienced alike. With our many chicken coop sizes and custom styles available, these sturdy framed chicken coops are a practical and smart choice for anyone interested in raising hens and free range chickens. Chicken Coop

Features and benefits each chicken coop provides are: 

  • Shelter from rain and shaded areas for hot sunny days
  • Nest boxes
  • Perches (roosting bar)
  • Windows
  • Vent lid or vent
  • Sturdy Chicken Ramp
  • Entry door with a keyed lock (protection against predators and uninvited guest)
  • Chicken Coop delivery available throughout Ottawa, Almonte, Kanata, Kingston, Brockville, Belleville, Peterborough, Napanee, Toronto. 

Choosing a Chicken Coop:

Like everyone, chickens need their own space. Adequate space for each Chicken or Hen to relax and move around freely in their coop is a must for the health of each chicken. This is especially true when raising laying hens. Laying Hens are very selfish when it comes to having there own nesting boxes and have been known not to lay eggs on a regular bases when proper, comfortable space is not provided. Knowing this, we have made it easy for you to choose a coop depending on how many hens you are planning on housing. Listed on each of our chicken coop pages is the recommended housing capacity (holds 3-5 chickens) for each coop, as well as the recommended nesting boxes (3 nesting boxes) for each.  We encourage you to take these recommendations into account when ordering a coop for the health and humanity of each chicken and consistency of each laying hen.

Carson Arthur | North Country Sheds