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Dare to Dream | Backyard Studio Workshops

Garden Shed to Art Studio - North Country Sheds

Backyard Studio/Workshop Reality

Let's face the facts - Every homeowner at one time or another has dreamed of having a workshop or home studio whether by the lake, beside the garage, or tucked away in the backyard. They dream of that spot to sit and relax with some music and enjoy a hobby or good book. A place all your own...Remember it now? We thought so...
Cabin Studio | North Country Sheds Cabin Studio | North Country Sheds
Local artist and gardener David Dunn took advantage of our cabin style buildings when looking for a place to showcase and sell his paintings of wildlife and woodlands. Choosing to go with a building size of 14'W X 20'L with upgraded insulated windows and a set of doors on each end of the building was a key feature to the studio Dunn says, "drawing visitors through into the garden area." 
“We spend a lot of time in the shed, eating cookies and drinking coffee, and sometimes drinking wine, and looking at the paintings.” 
This cabin studio was recently featured in an Ottawa Citizen article showcasing the shed-turned-art-gallery. Dunn presently features his art display, a sitting area for guests, mini bar, and much more. You can visit his cabin/studio gallery and garden centre at: Rideau Woodland and Ramble.
Cabin Studio | North Country Sheds
Now is the time to make your dreams a reality.
Easily transform any of our 12 storage designs into a backyard workshop or home business of your own. Acquiring this extra workshop/storage space is surprisingly simple and affordable:
  1. Choose one of our many Storage Shed or Cabin designs.
  2. Choose a size that best accommodates your desired furnishings including couches, table, mini fridge, art tools, etc. 
  3. Pick your desired colours and add-on options.
  4. Finally, claim that space all your own and ENJOY!  
Cabin Studio | North Country Sheds