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Solar Workshop Packages

NCS Solar Powered Sheds
Pure Green Energy - North Country Sheds
Solar Powered Off-The-Grid Workshops & Cabin Packages
Our Solar Powered, Off The Grid Packages allow you to easily access electricity in your workshop or cabin anywhere on your property. Whether you are considering a hunting cabin, a weekend cabin, bunkie hideaway for the kids, or simply a backyard workshop or tool shed. Don't let expensive electrical or noisy generators stand in your way of many convenient necessities and GO GREEN!
Our Solar Powered Packages are specially designed for an off-the-grid Complete Backyard Workshop!

Easily runs:

  • Power Tools (Great for workshops and studio sheds)
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Television
  • E Bikes Chargers
  • Electric Lawnmower Chargers
  • Car Battery Chargers
  • Computers (home Offices)


 Each solar package comes Ready-to-Power and already installed in your new cabin or workshop.

Solar Advantages: 
  • Easy & Very Convenient
  • Carbon Free (environmentally friendly)
  • No Noisy & Heavy Generators
  • No Handling of Gas or Oil
  • No Extra Hydro Bills
  • Place your Shed or Cabin Anywhere
What's included in Solar Packages:
  • Two Deep Cycle Batteries
  • One Roof Mounted Panel
  • One Inverter
  • One Light Switch
  • One Standard Plug
  • 4' Workbench
  • Adjustable Workbench Light
  • One Ceiling Light


Please Note: Upgraded Packages are available for heavier power needs. Contact us for more information on our solar powered products. 
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