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Greenhouse Kits

Home Greenhouse Kits - Ready to Grow Greenhouses

Looking for Greenhouse Kits or Greenhouse Plans this season? Start seedlings or extend your growing season with the Grow It Greenhouse. These easy to assemble, compact backyard greenhouses are constructed with triple-layer, rip-stop covers. 100% waterproof and UV treated inside and out, our clear view translucent covers provide protection from the outside elements while providing a controlled inside temperature perfect for plant growth. 

NCSShelter.com Greenhouse

Designed specifically for plant growth, the greenhouse cover blocks harmful UV rays and features ventilation for maximum airflow and ventilation when needed. These home greenhouse kits are perfect for anyone interested in getting a jump start our Canadian spring season or prolonging the growing season into the fall. 

Prolong our Canadian Growing Season with an Affordable Greenhouse Shelter


Greenhouse Kit Features

  • Dupont premium powder coated frames with patent pending frame stabilizers and bolt hardware for ease of assembly, maximum strength and stability.
  • Specially formulated for optimal plant growth, our translucent Clearview triple-layer rip stop fabric covers block harmful UV rays, allowing maximum illumination for sustained plant growth.
  • Circular Screen Vents on front and back panels providing optional airflow.  

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